How Do You Record a Reel on Instagram?

Are you looking to create engaging and entertaining content for your Instagram profile? Instagram Reels are the perfect way to do it. Instagram Reels is a feature on the app that allows you to create and share short, 15-second video clips. In this article, we’ll show you how do you record a reel on Instagram, step-by-step.

How Do Instagram Reels Work?

Instagram Reels are amusing, brief videos that work well for disseminating inspiring, informative, and enjoyable information on the app.

Reels uses a vertical style similar to TikTok for an endlessly scrollable feed.  With the addition of filters and text, you may record and edit 15 to 90-second clips that are set to popular music. The best thing, though? Users are presented with Instagram Reels according to their interests, which makes them an excellent approach to reaching new, pertinent audiences.

How Do You Record a Reel on Instagram?

There are two ways to record a reel on Instagram.

1. Follow these easy steps to create an Instagram Reel:

  • Tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen after launching the Instagram app.
  • Choose “Reel” from the menu at the bottom.
  • You can upload a video from your camera roll or record a 15-second clip using the camera.
  • Utilize elements like text, music, filters, and stickers to customize your Reel.
  • To publish your Reel after finishing editing, click the right arrow symbol.

2. How to Record a Reel on Instagram in Steps

This is the second way to record a reel on Instagram:

How to Record a Reel on Instagram in Steps

1. Launch Instagram

Open the Instagram app on your mobile device to begin filming a Reel. On iOS and Android devices, the Instagram app can be downloaded.

2. Tap the “Plus” icon.

A plus icon may be seen at the bottom of the Instagram app’s main page once you’re there. To start a new post, tap the + sign.

3. Select Reel

You’ll be presented with a number of alternatives after tapping the plus icon, one of which is “Reel.” To begin recording your reel, choose Reel.

4. Record Your Reel

You can record your Reel using the camera on your mobile smartphone by pressing and holding the record button. Remember that a Reel can last up to 15 seconds, so make sure your content fits within that time frame.

5. Edit Your Reel

Once you’ve recorded your Reel, you can edit it using the various editing features available. These features include adding text, music, filters, and stickers.

6. Publish Your Reel

After editing your Reel, you’re ready to publish it on your Instagram profile. Simply click on the right arrow icon, add a caption and hashtags, and then click “Share” to publish your Reel.

Tips for Creating a Great Reel

Creating a Reel on Instagram can be a fun and creative way to showcase your personality or brand. Here are some tips to help you create a great Reel:

Tips for Creating a Great Reel

1. Create a Content Plan

Spend some time organizing your content before you begin filming your Reel. Think about the message you want to deliver and the appropriate visual and audio formats to deliver it.

2. Employ captions

Your Reel can stand out and improve the clarity of your message with captions. Use captions to set the scene or to include a call to action.

3. Be succinct and to the point.

Reels can only be 15 seconds long at most, so it’s critical that your content be succinct and interesting. Keep it concise and focused on the key points of your message.

4. Use trending music and Hashtags

Using popular music and hashtags can help your Reel get discovered by a wider audience. Keep an eye on what’s trending and consider incorporating it into your Reel.

5. Experiment with Editing Features

Instagram Reels offers a variety of editing features, including filters, effects, and stickers. Experiment with these features to create a unique and eye-catching Reel.


Is there a limit to how long a reel can be?

No, Instagram Reels only allow for a 15-second maximum recording time. To create a longer Reel, you can capture many segments and edit them together.

Can I include music in my Reel?

Yes, Instagram Reels let you add music from a library of authorized tracks to your Reel.

Is it possible to record a reel without depressing the record button?

Yes, you can record your Reel using Instagram Reels’ “hands-free” feature without pressing the record button.

Can I upload a video from my camera roll to use in my Reel?

Can I upload a video from my camera roll to use in my Reel?

Yes, you can upload a video from your camera roll to use in your Reel.

Can I edit my Reel after publishing it?

Yes, you can edit your Reel even after it has been published by tapping on the three dots in the corner of the Reel and selecting “Edit.”


An innovative and entertaining method to display your personality or brand is through Instagram Reels. You may generate interesting and enjoyable content that will grab your audience’s attention by following these easy steps and advice.

What are you still holding out for? Start posting your own Reels on Instagram and watch your profile’s engagement and growth. Have fun reeling!

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